In search of high-velocity ammunition with excellent accuracy and great knockout power on target yet easily transportable? If yes, we recommend the 22-250 ammo for sale. The 22-250 Remington ammo, or the .22-250, is a new rimless, bottleneck caliber rifle cartridge with high velocity used in hunting varmint and small game animals.

This ammo type is an excellent cartridge for all gun lovers, whether competitive shooters, law enforcement officers, or just firearm lovers who like quality rounds with remarkable characteristics. To help you make an informed purchase and choose the best 22-250 ammo in stock for your needs, we have put up this comprehensive expert guide on all you need to know about the 22-250. We’ll discuss what to look for when buying this cartridge, where to get it at affordable prices, and why you should buy it.

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The 22-250 Remington is a load specially designed for hunting varmints and small games. It is widely used by competitive shooters thanks to its power and precision at long and short distances. If you’re a shooter trying to cut costs or personalize your ammunition, the 22-250 round is the ideal choice because it’s simple to reload. Whatever your rifle version is, the 22-250 will perform consistently. Place your order now in our shop and experience the power and precision of this incredible load.



The 22-250 Remington ammo, also known as “22-250,” is a powerful centerfire rifle cartridge produced in 1963 by the Remington Arms Co and designed to improve the 22 Winchester Automatic (1912). This load is greatly loved by hunters and professional shooters worldwide and is used for hunting Coyotes, foxes, hogs, and wild boars. Also, it works well for competitions involving long-range target shooting requiring accuracy and high muzzle velocity.

From soft-point boat tail bullets to hollow-point bullets especially created for hunting needs, our range of 22-250 loads is offered in various bullet shapes. To choose the cartridge that will provide the required performance and precision, visit our store right now.



  1. Case type; Rimless, bottleneck
  2. Parent case; .250-3000 Savage
  3. Case length; 48.6 mm
  4. Overall length; 60 mm
  5. Bullet diameter; 5.7 mm
  6. Base diameter; 11.9 mm
  7. Shoulder diameter; 10.5 mm
  8. Neck diameter; 6.5 mm
  9. Rim diameter; 12.0 mm
  10. Primer type; Large Rifle
  11. Rifling twist; 1- 12, 1-14
  12. Max pressure (SAAMI); 65,000 psi


For every grain mass of the 22-250 Remington ammo, there is a velocity and kinetic energy.

  1. For the 40gr bullet, it covers 1,287 m/s with energy of 1,585 ft-lbf;
  2. 50gr covers 1,202 m/s with an energy of 1,728 ft-lbf;
  3. 55 gr covers 1,154 m/s with energy of 1,751 ft-lbf;
  4. 60 gr covers 1,090 m/s with energy of 1,708 ft-lbf;
  5. 64 gr covers 1,100 m/s with an energy of 1,741 ft-lbf .

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When buying 22-250 ammo in stock, consider the type of 22-250 you need. Several types are available, depending on what type of rifle you will be using. The types of 22-250 cartridges are;

  1. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

FMJ is an excellent choice for target shooting because it is designed to penetrate and offer minimal expansion. This ammo type is typically used in bolt action rifles like the Remington 783.

  1. Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP)

This is an excellent choice for hunting because it offers greater expansion characteristics than FMJ rounds and includes a hollow point at the tip. This causes greater disintegration when it hits its target and ensures maximum destruction of vital organs. Rifles such as the Ruger American Predator can use JHP rounds for hunting purposes.

  1. Soft Point Bullets (SP)

Soft Point Bullets are another excellent option for hunting, as they have a softer tip than FMJ bullets. This allows them to expand upon impact with their target and cause significant damage to the small game or even medium-sized animals such as deer or wild hogs. The Winchester XPR Hunter uses SP bullets which are reliable and accurate at mid-range distances.

When shopping for 22-250 ammo, it’s essential to ensure that the type of ammunition is compatible with your rifle to get optimal performance from your firearm.


22-250 ammo for sale is the best choice for hunting, target practice, or defense because it has excellent accuracy, precision, and reliability. This round is a flexible load that works well for various shooting situations and is popular among hunters and competitive shooters worldwide. The 22-250 load is necessary for any shooter’s collection due to its adaptability for small games and varmints. With our 22-250 ammunition selection, you can shoot more effectively, remain in the field longer, and have more fun than ever. Whatever ammunition you’re looking for bulk cheap ammo shop has the appropriate ammunition! Visit us today to shop!

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