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Century Arms is a United States firearms manufacturer and importer, headquartered in Florida. The company specializes in providing ‘unique, innovative, and high-quality products to American consumers and the U.S. government.’ The company was founded in 1961 in St. Albans, Vermont, with offices in Montreal. In 1995, the company headquarters and sales staff moved to Boca Raton, Florida, and Delray Beach, Florida in 2004.

In addition to importing bulk surplus ammunition, Century is the US importer and distributor of Red Army Standard Ammunition.


William Sucher and Manny Weigensberg founded Century Arms in 1961. At first, they were reselling firearms. As time went on, they started importing and refitting foreign firearms, and then became the biggest importer of firearms in the United States. They still import and refit firearms today, as well as manufacture and market their own. They manufacture a range of firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns. The Draco, Micro Draco, Mini Draco, and C308 are some of their most popular firearms.

Century arms VKSA

Century Arms’ newest heavy-duty AK rifle, the VSKA, was released in 2019. S7 tool steel, which boasts maximum shock resistance and compression strength, was reengineered for this purpose. Using an all-new bolt carrier, front trunnion, and feed ramp, the VSKA rifle has a steel barrel and bolt. The VSKA is suitable for any recreational activity. It has a 7.62 x 39mm caliber and can utilize standard AK magazines.

Does Century Arms Produce Other Guns?

Century Arms produces several other firearms. The AES 10B is an RPK variant, and it’s known as the ‘big brother’ of the AK rifle. The PSL 54 is a powerful rifle renowned for its DMR capability, and the JW-2000 Coach Shotgun is available in 12– or 20-gauge versions, both of which include fully functional rabbit-ear hammers and double triggers. The PW87 Lever Action Shotgun is a 12-gauge lever action gun. The WASR-10 is a Romanian AK-style service rifle that has been demilitarized.

Century Arms imports Canik pistols from Turkey, which are 9mm, striker-fired, and suitable for home defense. The TP9SF is a striker-fired 9mm pistol. The TP9SA is similar, but it has a decocker that allows for safer disassembly. You can purchase Canik pistols at a discount if you’re looking for them. The ONE Series has the same reliable pistols at reduced prices.

Century Arms C308

The Century Arms C308 is a semi-automatic rifle that fires .308 ammunition. It uses a roller-lock delayed blowback system, has an 18-inch chrome-moly 4140 steel barrel, and has a fluted chamber for reliable cycling and extraction. G3 and CETME magazines are among the ones that it accepts. The C308’s reliability and durability make it a great hunting rifle.

Century arms c39V2

The C39V2 is the best-milled AK rifle available from Century Arms. This semi-automatic rifle is known as an ‘American AK.’ It is manufactured in the United States while remaining compatible with AKM features and aftermarket components and accepting all AKM standard magazines. It has a side scope rail mount, standard AK sights, and a heat-treated bolt carrier tail to maximize performance and longevity.

Several kinds of the C39V2 are offered, including the C39V2 – MOE, which includes a Magpul MOE grip, handguard, and buttstock; the C39V2 – Pistol, which is a rifle in a tiny package; the C39V2 – Zhukov, which has side-folding and length-of-pull adjustment and includes a Magpul MOE grip and a Zhukov extended handguard; the C39V2 Blade, which includes the Shockwave Blade stabilizing brace; and the C39V2 Tactical, which includes a front sight gas block and a flash hid.

Where to buy Century Arms Online

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The bottom line.

Century Arms firearms are great for either a sportsman or collector seeking an AK-style weapon. Their handguns are a good choice if you’re seeking a compact, budget-friendly Canik pistol. In general, Century handguns are great for either sports use or home security. Thanks for reading our page!

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