Hornady introduced the 6mm Advanced Rifle ammunition in 2020 as a low-recoil centerfire rifle cartridge. Hornady designed this load for use in the AR-15 platform to offer a balance of accuracy, versatility, and terminal performance, making it well-suited for various hunting, target shooting, and tactical applications. The 6mm ARC ammo for sale is also known for its flat trajectory, low recoil, and high ballistics coefficient, which makes it practical for long-range shooting.

The 6mm ARC ammo for sale is a modified version of the 6.5 Grendel case. It uses a .243 caliber bullet that typically weighs 90 and 108 grains. It can deliver muzzle velocities of up to 2,700 ft/s with specific loads.

Because Hornady designed the 6mm ARC ammo for use in the AR-15 magazines and components, it is easy for shooters to switch to this cartridge without buying new equipment.

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The Hornady 6mm ARC ammo for sale is a versatile round primarily used for small to medium-game hunting animals like coyotes, deer, and antelope. It is also an excellent cartridge for target and tactical applications. The 6mm ARC bullet is an effective cartridge that can take down targets at various ranges with outstanding performance without excessive recoil or muzzle blast.

  1. Hunting: When it comes to hunting, this load is highly effective on small to medium-sized animals like coyotes, deer, and antelope. The 6mm ARC ammo’s high ballistics coefficient enables shooters to take comfortably repeated and long shots while maintaining accuracy and power. In addition, the cartridge delivers high kinetic energy and good terminal performance, which is needed to take down targets easily;
  2. Target Shooting: The 6mm ARC ammunition is accurate and consistent at long distances. Its flat trajectory and low recoil make it an easy-to-shoot round while keeping high precision at longer ranges. Furthermore, its compatibility with standard AR-15 components makes it easily customizable for several shooting situations. Also, this cartridge has an excellent ballistic coefficient, which helps it keep velocity and energy over longer distances;
  3. Tactical application: The versatility and effectiveness of the 6mm ARC ammo are recommendable for shooting at several distances and in different hunting fields. Importantly the flat trajectory and low recoil of the 6mm ARC ammo make it effective for engaging targets at longer ranges, while the high kinetic energy and good terminal performance make it practical for close-range engagements as well;
  4. Self-defense: The 6mm ARC can also serve for self-dense, particularly when a higher level of stopping power is needed.

Cartridge Specification

  1. Case type; Rimless, bottleneck
  2. Parent case: .220 Russian/6.5mm Grendel
  3. Case capacity; 2.20 cm3
  4. Case length; 37.85 mm (1.490 in)
  5. Overall length; 57.40 mm (2.260 in)
  6. Bullet diameter; 6.18 mm (.243 in)
  7. Base diameter; 11.201 mm (.4410 in)
  8. Neck diameter; 6.96 mm ( .274 in)
  9. Rim thickness; 1.5 mm (.059 in)
  10. Rim diameter; 11.20 mm (.441 in)
  11. Shoulder diameter; 10.924 mm (.4301 in)
  12. Primer type; Small rifle
  13. Rifling twist; 190.5 mm (1:7.50 in)
  14. Max pressure (SAAMI); 52,000 psi

Bullet Ballistics

As always, the bullet ballistics of the 6mm ARC ammo for sale depends on several factors: specific load, firearm, environmental shooting condition, and shooter skill. Some of the bullet ballistics of this ammunition are;

  1. Bullet weight: The 6mm ARC ammo fires an 80 and 110 grains bullet with a muzzle velocity ranging from 2,600 to 3,000 ft/s, depending on the specific load. The energy of this ammo stands at 1,600 to 2,200 ft-lbf;
  2. Trajectory: The 6mm ARC ammunition trajectory is generally flat and fast, making it suitable for long-range shooting. For example, a 90-grain bullet fired from a 6mm ARC cartridge at a muzzle velocity of 2,900 ft/s will have a trajectory that is roughly 2 inches high at 100 yards and 6 inches low at 300 yards.
  3. Recoil: The 6mm ARC ammo is generally moderate, making it manageable for most shooters.


Advantage of 6MM ARC Ammo for Sale

Some of the benefits of the 6mm ARC ammo include the following;

  1. Versatility: The 6mm ARC can is use for a variety of shooting situations and also delivers accurate shots at short and long ranges suitable for hunting and target shooting;
  2. Accuracy: Due to its unique design, the 6mm ARC ammo is accurate and also features a long, slender bullet with a high ballistic coefficient, which helps it maintain its velocity and trajectory over long distances;
  3. Effectiveness: The 6mm ARC is effective ammo for hunting and tactical use. Apart from this, it delivers a high level of energy upon impact, which can easily take down a target;
  4. Low recoil: The 6mm ARC has relatively low recoil compared to other ammunition of similar size and power. This can make it more comfortable to shoot and easier to control, especially for smaller or less experienced shooters;
  5. Availability: This ammunition is widely available and ready to ship at our online store.



The 6mm ARC and the .223 Remington (also known as the 5.56 NATO) are two popular ammunition and can differ as follows;

  1. Size: The 6mm ARC is a larger ammo than the .223 Remington, with a case length of 1.52 inches compared to the .223’s 1.76 inches. Also, the 6mm ARC has a larger bullet diameter of .0243 inches than the .223’s 0.224 inches;
  2. Ballistics: The 6mm ARC can deliver higher muzzle velocity and more energy than the .223 Remington, making it excellent for long-range shooting and hunting. Also, the 6mm ARC can maintain speeds and energy at longer distances than the .223 Remington. It is worthy of note that the .223 Remington has a flat trajectory and less recoil, which makes it suitable for short-range shooting and tactical applications;
  3. Recoil: The .223 Remington has lighter recoil than the 6mmARC ammo;
  4. Availability: Both the 6mm ARC ammo and .223 Remington are readily available for sale online for retail at affordable prices.



The 6mm ARC (Advanced Rifle Cartridge) is new ammunition designed by Hornady in 2020. Hornady developed this round to offer versatility, accuracy, and effectiveness for several applications, including hunting, target shooting, and tactical use.

The 6mm ARC is the modified case from the 6.5 Grendel, based on the .220 Russian case. Also, this ammo features a long, slender bullet with a high ballistics coefficient, which helps it maintain its velocity and trajectory over long distances. In addition, the 6mm ARC ammo is compatible with the AR-15 platform.

Furthermore, the development of the 6mm ARC round was driven by the desire to create a more effective cartridge than the existing load, like the 5.56 NATO and 6.5 Grendel, while still being versatile enough for various applications. Also, Hornady worked closely with the military and law enforcement agencies to develop this round.

For all these reasons, the 6mm ARC has gained popularity thanks to its accuracy, versatility, and effectiveness.


Suppose you’re looking for a versatile, reliable, and popular round that delivers accuracy, versatility, and effectiveness. In that case, the 6mm ARC ammo for sale is right for you. Thanks to its superb features, the 6mm ARC bullet is excellent for hunting, target shooting, and tactical use.

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