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The 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge is a long-range target short-action magnum centerfire load released in 2018 by the ammo manufacturing company Hornady. This load was designed to shoot a high BC round at 3,200 ft/s from a short-action rifle. It was meant to produce the highest level of accuracy possible, flat trajectory, and extended range performance in a single compact for great impact on a target. Even though this round was released in 2018, it was only in 2021 that the 6.5 PRC Ammo for sale went mainstream, and several shooters quickly adopted it.


George Gardener, in 2013 came up with the initiative to create a cartridge that would meet the need of competitive shooters. The general reflection was to create a load to be fired from Precision Rifle Series (PRS) firearms. The PRS firearms were chosen because, during competitions, shooters are timed, so they have to perform quick and follow-up shoots at ranges sometimes above 1000 yards. Due to the nature of these competitions, shooters could not use large loads of more than .308 in caliber or muzzle velocity above 3,200fps. Therefore they required a bullet like the 6.5 PRC Ammunition that has a high muzzle velocity. Medium bore, flat trajectory, and mild recoiling to be efficient during competitions


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The 6.5 PRC AMMO for sale is excellent for hunting and competitive shooters. It has a high level of retained energy, less wind impact on bullet flight, and a flat trajectory, increasing its accuracy and performance when it hits a target.


  1. Case length; 51.6mm
  2. Maximum overall length; 75.1mm
  3. Case capacity; 62.0gr
  4. Bullet diameter; 6.71mm
  5. Maximum Pressure; 65,000psi
  6. Rim Diameter; 13.5mm


The 6.5 PRC Ammunition ballistics are originally a 143 gr bullet weight, which travels at an energy of 2,782 ft-lbs, or a 147-grain bullet which produces an energy of 2764 ft-lbs. The heaviest 6.5 PRC ammo is a 156-grain weight bullet. This cartridge was designed to reduce wind drift at extended ranges and bullet drops.


The ballistic performance of the 6.5 PRC Ammunition is measured in terms of the muzzle, velocity, drop, wind drift, and energy. The ultimate effective range of this round for hunting is approximately 730 yards. Below is a brief chart in descending order to give you a general idea of how this load works.

Yards Velocity


Drop (inch) Wind Drift (inch) Energy (ft-lbs)
100 2807 0 0.2 2,482
200 2649 -3 2.0 2,209
300 2495 -10 4.3 1,960
400 2347 -23 8.2 1,734
500 2204 -41 13.2 1,529
600 2065 -66 20.1 1,343
700 1932 -99 27.6 1,175
800 1803 -140 37.4 1,024
900 1680 -191 48.8 889
1000 1563 -253.7 62.3 769


As illustrated in the chart above, the 6.5 PRC is a mind-blowing cartridge that produces incredible energy that is great for hunting situations at long distances with great accuracy.


  1. Hunting; the 6.5 PRC Ammo is great for medium and big game hunting. Though the bullet is lighter than most rounds used for big games, most hunters have successfully used it to bring down big beasts like elk, black bears, and moose;
  2. Long-range shooting; 6.5 PRC Ammo is designed as a long-range cartridge that can take down obstacles more than 1000 yards away. Thanks to the light weight of this bullet and its ability to buck wind, this round is good for long-range shooting because the wind cannot deviate the load;
  3. Self-Defense; despite its deep penetration property, this load is good for self-defense.


  1. Wind Deflection Resistant
  2. Flat shooting
  3. Lighter on rifled because of its short barrel length and short action needed
  4. Better barrel life span as compared to other cartridges of the same category
  5. Affordable
  6. High accuracy and performance in long-range


It may be tempting to assume that because of these cartridges’ similarity and performance superiority, they can be fired from one another’s rifle. Do not interchange loads/ammunition. Only fire the 6.5 PRC in the 6.5 PRC ammo and shoot 6.5 Creedmoor loads in 6.5 Creedmoor rifles.


Summarily, the 6.5 PRC differs from the 6.5 Creedmoor in that the PRC load has more retained energy, flat trajectory, and reduced wind deflection than the Creedmoor at the range of hunting. The PRC round has less recoil if compared to the Creedmoor load. In detail, the 6.5 PRC Ammo differs from the 6.5 Creedmoor in the following arrears.

  1. The 6.5 Creedmoor is slightly shorter than the 6.5 PRC, which has a longer case length and overall length than the Creedmoor;
  2. The 6.5 PRC has a longer rim diameter of .532 as opposed to the .473 rim diameter of the 6.5 Creedmoor;
  3. The 6.5 Creedmoor has a maximum pressure of 62 000 psi, smaller than that of the 6.5 PRC, which has a maximum pressure of 65,000 psi;
  4. In terms of performance, the 6.5 PRC ammo performs better than the 6.5 Creedmoor ammo at long-range shooting;
  5. Looking at the recoil of both cartridges, the 6.5 Creedmoor has less recoil than the 6.5 PRC ammunition making follow-up shots using the Creedmoor easier;
  6. The magazine capacity of the Creedmoor ammo can hold more loads than the PRC ammo. To put this in perspective, a rifle magazine that can chamber three 6.5 PRC ammunition loads will be able to hold 4 or 5 loads of the Creedmoor ammo.


The 6.5 PRC ammo is an excellently designed cartridge with great benefits for hunters. Thanks to its lightweight yet précised shooting, this ammo has been greatly used and recommended.

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