The 25-35 Winchester ammo is a popular centerfire rifle cartridge among hunters and sportsmen since 1895. The 25-35 ammo is perfect for lever-action rifles thanks to its moderate recoil and impressive accuracy. Check out our 25-35 Winchester ammo selection and experience the power and precision for yourself.


There are several gun ammo for guns on the market. One popular and effective option is the 25-35 Winchester. This cartridge, which dates back to the 1890s, applies in many hunting situations of small game to larger animals like deer. Most importantly, the 25-35 ammo unique ballistics and advantages make it high in demand among hunters and gun enthusiasts.

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This blog post will provide in-depth information on the 25-35 Winchester ammo’s background, ballistics, uses, advantages, and more.

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In 1895, the Winchester Repeating Arms Company made the.25-35 Winchester ammo for their Model 1894 lever-action rifle.

The 25-35 ammo is a medium-power cartridge suitable for hunting medium-size games at short to medium ranges. Initially, the cartridge load was a 117-grain lead round-nose bullet and a powder charge of 25 grains of smokeless powder. This results in a muzzle velocity of around 2,200 ft/s.

Today, the 25-35 ammo still serves in hunting and target shooting at short ranges. This cartridge is highly famous amongst shooters who appreciate older firearms and cartridges.


The.25-35 Winchester cartridge is a centerfire rifle round for hunting medium-size species like deer and black bears. This round has a relatively modest velocity and energy compared to some rifle cartridges. However, it is still helpful for hunting at close ranges.

Because of this load’s accuracy and simplicity, it is also appropriate for target shooting. For beginners or those sensitive to recoil, the cartridge’s low recoil makes it comfortable to shoot continuously.

Although it might be less strong and adaptable than some other rifle cartridges, this round has stood the test of time as a reliable round.


  1. Case type; Rimmed, bottlenecked
  2. Case length; 51.9mm (2.043 in)
  3. Parent case; .30-30 Winchester
  4. Overall length; 65 mm (2.55 in )
  5. Bullet diameter; 6.6 mm (.258 in )
  6. Base diameter; 10.7 mm (.422 in)
  7. Neck diameter; 7.2 mm ( .282 in )
  8. Rim thickness; 1.6 mm (.063 in )
  9. Rim diameter; 12.9 mm (.506 in )
  10. Shoulder diameter; 9.3 mm (.365 in )
  11. Rifling twist; 200 mm (1 in 8 in)
  12. Primer type; Large rifle
  13. Maximum pressure; 44,000 psi



The ballistics of the Winchester 25-35 cartridge depends on the specific load and bullet weight used. However, the original bullet weight for this cartridge is a 117-grain soft point bullet with a muzzle velocity of around 2,200 ft/s and muzzle energy of approximately 1,600 ft-lbf.

At 100 yards, this load would have a velocity of around 1,900 ft/s and energy of approximately 1,100 ft-lbs.

In addition, the bullet’s trajectory would also depend on the specific load and bullet weight. However, generally speaking, the 25-35 has a relatively flat course out to around 200 yards before dropping off significantly.


Other bullet grain weight for this ammunition includes:

  • Firstly a 60 gr bullet which travels at a speed rate of about 3,000 ft/s with energy 1,220 ft-lbf;
  • Secondly, it also has a 75 gr round which travels at a muzzle velocity of around 2,800 ft/s and kinetic energy of 1,320 ft-lbf;
  • Thirdly, the 25-35 Winchester has an equal 90-gr load which, when fired, travels at a speed of approximately 2,500 ft/s and energy of 1,400 ft-lbf.



The specific load, bullet weight, the shooter’s skill level, and the desired target all affect the Winchester 25-35 ammo’s effective range. Nevertheless, for a medium-sized game like deer or antelope, the typical effective range for this cartridge is around 200–250 yards. The bullet’s energy may be insufficient to kill its target beyond that range. It is crucial to regularly practice shooting from different distances and be aware of the potential and constraints of your weapon and ammo.



The Hornady LEVERevolution cartridge is an example of a modern.25-35 Winchester load. It has a 110-grain FTX bullet, a muzzle velocity of about 2,400 ft/s, and muzzle energy of about 1,900 ft-lbf. The Hornady LEVERevolution cartridge improves the ballistics of classic lever-action cartridges like the.25-35 Winchester by using a pointed, polymer-tipped bullet with a higher ballistic coefficient. This results in flatter trajectories and better long-range performance.

The Winchester Super-X cartridge is another type .25-35 Winchester load. It uses a 117-grain Power-Point bullet with a muzzle velocity of about 2,200 ft/s and muzzle energy of about 1,680 ft-lbf. The Power-Point bullet is a standard soft-point design that spreads out when it hits its target.



Both the.25-35 Winchester and the.30-30 Winchester are lever-action rifle rounds for hunting medium-size games at short to medium distances. Even though the two ammunitions have some similarities, there are also some key differences.


  1. The bullet diameter is one of the most significant differences between the.25-35 Winchester and the.30-30 Winchester. The bullet for the.25-35 Winchester is.257 inches in diameter, while the shell for the.30-30 Winchester is.308 inches in diameter. This difference in diameter means that the.30-30 Winchester usually has more stopping power and can be more effective on bigger games than the 25-35 ammo.


  1. Velocity: The speed of the two rounds is another difference. The.25-35 Winchester has a higher muzzle velocity than the.30-30 Winchester ammo. This velocity can lead to flatter paths and better long-range performance. Nevertheless, the.30-30 Winchester is a reliable and powerful cartridge at shorter distances.


  1. Recoil:.25-35 Winchester and the.30-30 Winchester can also be different at the level of their recoil. With the.25-35, ammo has less recoil due to its lower bullet weight and powder charge; it is a good choice for shooters who are sensitive to recoil or want a lighter gun.

Overall, the choice between the.25-35 Winchester and the.30-30 Winchester will rely on the shooter’s needs and preferences.


  1. Hunting: The.25-35 Winchester cartridge is suitable for shooting medium-size games, like deer, at short to medium ranges. Soft point and hollow point bullets are popular choices for shooting because they spread out when they hit something and kill reliably.


  1. Target Shooting: The .25-35 ammo is suitable for target shooting and “plinking.” For this reason, full metal jacket bullets are often used because they are less expensive and leave less lead in the barrel.



In conclusion, the.25-35 win cartridge is a classic, flexible round designed initially for hunting medium-size games at short to medium distances. The gun is still a popular choice for hunters and shooters.

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