The 458 Socom Ammo for sale is what you need. This article will give you more information about this Ammunition and tell you why purchasing it or adding it to your collection is worth it and how you can get one from our store.

What is the 458 Socom ammo?

458 SOCOM AMMO is an acronym for special operations command. The .458 SOCOM is a moderately large round designed in 2000 to upgrade the standard AR-15/M4/M16 rifles.

The development of the 458 SOCOM is one of the recent best innovations in firearms, giving way for existing AR-15-type rifles to swap to more outstanding caliber by replacing two main parts: the barrel and bolt. The 458 SOCOM ammo was inspired by the lack of power offered by the 5.56 NATO cartridge used in the M16 rifle and M4 Carbine. Marty ter Weem discovered that multiple shots were required to eliminate opponents, so the need arose to create a weapon with better terminal ballistics, rifle cartridge, and stopping power.

The many AR-15 rifles available worldwide will keep the 458 SOCOM Ammo for sale a feasible option for gun owners in the current year and years to come. In addition, the 458 Socom ammo is one of the most timely and powerful upgrades for the standard AR-15 rifle.

The first 458 SOCOM rifle was built in February 2001 by Tromix. During designing the 458 SOCOM, the key specifications required were that it fit in the M4 Carbine and fire heavy-for-caliber missiles at subsonic acceleration using suppressors. So buy the 458 SOCOM Ammo for sale in our shop today and enjoy incredible pricing.

Cartridge Specs 

The .458 SOCOM Ammo for sale offers a variety of missiles like; soft point hunting ammo, full metal jacketed rounds, polymer-tipped ammo, subsonic rounds, jacketed hollow points, and several other caliber weights. These bullet calibers come in the range of 250 grains to 600 grains, with the most popular being the 300-grain bullet. The 458 SOCOM Ammunition fires bullets of 0.458 diameters and can shoot a 300grain bullet at about 1900 feet ps. For optimum accuracy, the range 250 to 325gr is the best.

The cartridge case for the 458 SOCOM ammo is wide, with a short cartridge case of 1.575 and a base diameter of o.541. It has a double case capacity of 61.1 grams which eases the propelling of the heavy bullets fired from the barrel toward targets.

Barrel Specification

  • Muzzle threads; 11/11 x 24
  • Gas system; Carbine length
  • Profile; recon tactical
  • Rifling; 1:22, RH, Six groove, precision button rifling
  • Weight; 38.6 oz
  • Chamber; .458 Socom
  • Feed Ramps; purpose-built,458 Socom SPECIFIC Barrel Extension
  • Finish; matte Bead-blasted stainless
  • Gas Block Seat;875 Diameter by .900 length-Dimpled for set screw,
  • Material; Type 416R, Barrel Grade, stainless steel,
  • Length; 16.


Some of the characteristics of the 458 Socom ammo in stock and reasons why you should get one at our shop is;

  1. Recoil;

The recoil of a rifle is an important aspect you should consider before buying because it significantly affects your control over the weapon. A rifle with heavy recoil slows the rate of shot follow-up and makes it more difficult to control. The recoil is primarily affected by bullet weight, rifle weight, muzzle velocity, and power charge. The 458 SOCOM Ammunition has recoil of 23 ft-Ibs.

  1. Muzzle Velocity and Kinetic Energy;

The 458 SOCOM carries a heavier bullet with more muzzle energy of about 1,835 fps range and 2,243 ft-Ibs kinetic energy. The 300 grain rounds offer a supersonic muzzle velocity of 580 m/s and 2,405 ft-lbf. Thanks to the kinetic energy advantage of this ammo, it is perfect for close-range shots to obtain a massive effect.

  1. Trajectory

Trajectory being how a bullet’s flight path is quantified as it travels downrange, 458 SOCOM ammo for sale is not very practical for long or distance shooting because of its short cartridge. However, this ammo can go subsonic for most factory loads, around 300 yards.

  1. Ballistics Coefficients;

Being ammo designed to be heavier and thick, the 458 SOCOM Ammo for sale has a tremendous ballistic coefficient as it is air resistant and cannot be easily drifted by wind, thereby increasing its accuracy in shots.

  1. Sectional Density (SD);

The 458 SOCOM is excellent in terms of SD as it can easily penetrate thick skin and bone thanks to high muzzle energy, making it suitable ammo for big game hunting. 458 SOCOM 300 gr bullet has an SD of about 0.204.

.458 SOCOM ammo for sale is what you need for your next big game hunting. So place your order online now with and benefit from our fast and reliable delivery service.


Suitable for Big game hunting;

If you are a lover of big game hunting, the power of the 458 SOCOM ammo is a great match for you as it can highly optimize the terminal ballistic of your hunting.

This rifle has been described by many as the all-time brush buster. In addition, the .458 SOCOM has been recognized as the most effective cartridge against big beasts such as heavyweight Russian boars and bears.

So it is often recommended to be used as an arm for self-defense in places with tigers, bears, Lions, leopards, and other wild and dangerous animals that can harm a hunter. So if you frequent arrears predominated by such animals or are a lover of hunting such animals, the 458 SOCOM Cartridge is the perfect Ammunition for you. Buy the 458 SOCOM Ammo at today.

Power of the Big Bore Rifle in an AR Platform

Compared to other weapons, such as the 45-70 government round, which is limited in that it comes either in lever action or single shot, whose actions are a little slower than the semi-auto sporting rifle, the 458 SOCOM ammo has more power and fast shots.

The 458 SOCOM ammo gives hunters a big bore cartridge with a significant kinetic energy that can create more damage and follow-up shots faster, able to bring down a bear or elk within 100 yards.

Bullet Diversity

This firearm helps you gain entry to heavier projectiles that can fly faster and further. Any old owner of an AR-15 knows how hard it is to find the 5.56 ammo, but with the 458 SOCOM, you won’t encounter this because you can get less common ammo to use when you can’t find or buy the 5.56 bullet.

Great for a fun shoot

You feel the 5.56ammo is fun shooting; wait when you fire one of these, and the next on to the next. If you have the urge to have fun shooting on some cinderblocks for relaxation, try it with the 458 SOCOM AMMUNITION. You won’t regret that. You can buy it from


The .458 SOCOM ammunition has great power, can take down big games, and is excellent for self-defense. If you decide to add it to your collection, go for it because it’s a significant upgrade in power. The 458 SOCOM will give you the freedom to personalize the weapon combined with the facility of operating a rifle that offers excellent power from missiles of weight going up to 600 grains.

With its prowess, the 458 SOCOM Ammo in stock is a great investment. So place your order our shop, and we will deliver in no time. Shop now!

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