What is 30 Super Carry Ammo?

If you’re looking for efficiency and quality for your ammunition needs, then 30 Super Carry ammo for sale is what you need. These highly effective rounds have been designed to offer the power and accuracy of a full-sized rifle cartridge.

Furthermore, 30 Super Carry rounds have been designed with an optimized design that significantly reduces bullet drop and drift that often return inaccurate shots. In addition, they also offer higher velocities than most other standard ammunition, providing extra punch with every shot. The Super 30 ammo is great for target shooting or defensive use in applications with increased velocity. And here at our online store, we’re proud to offer a selection of Super 30 ammo from trusted manufacturers at competitive prices. So don’t miss out – get fully loaded today!

What is 30 Super Carry Ammo good for?

The 30 Super Carry Ammo is specifically designed for excellent performance and reliability in a wide range of firearms. Our selection of this ammo is manufactured with the highest quality materials and a proprietary blend of powder that provides accurate, consistent, and repeatable shots every time.

Also, known for its light recoil, it offers gun owners maximum performance while limiting the amount of felt recoil. Its light recoil makes it an ideal choice for target shooting, self-defense situations, or small-game hunting. It also has a high muzzle velocity to ensure tight groups at longer ranges, making it great for long-range shooting or varmint hunting.

Whether you need Ammo for your tactical setup or just more rounds for your next outing at the range, 30 Super Carry Ammo is perfect. It’s available now at our online store.

Bullet Specs

  1. Case type: Rimless, tapered
  2. Case length; 0.827 in (21.0 mm)
  3. Overall length; 1.169 in (29.7 mm)
  4. Base diameter; .342 in (8.70 mm)
  5. Neck diameter; .337 in (8.56 mm)
  6. Shoulder diameter; .338 in (8.59 mm)
  7. Bullet diameter; .313 in (7.95 mm)
  8. Rim diameter; .344 in (8.74 mm)
  9. Rim thickness; .050 in (1.27 mm)
  10. Maximum pressure; 50,000 psi


The 30 Super Carry Ammo has a bullet weight ranging between 90 to 125 grains with a muzzle velocity of about 1,200 to 1,500 ft/s. Traveling with energy of 340 to 500 ft-lbf.

At 100 yards, the Super 30 ammo round drops by 3.5 – 7.5 inches. Also, the effective range of this load is at 50100 yards for self-defense and target shooting.

30 Super Carry Ammo Features

Getting the right Ammo is essential for shooting accurately and with precision. 30 Super Carry Ammo perfectly balances power, accuracy, and value.

It features:

  • Non-corrosive, surefire primers for added reliability
  • A full-metal jacketed bullet for increased power and control
  • A brass case for improved durability and performance

This combination of characteristics makes 30 super carry the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful round. Its superior ballistics ensures it follows a smooth trajectory from the barrel to its target. At the same time, its high velocity makes it ideal for long-range shooting. And with its low price point, it’s an economical choice to keep you on budget and target every time.

Advantages and uses Of 30 Super Carry Ammo

The 30 Super Carry ammo for sale is one of the most reliable hunting or target shooting rounds. This round features a flat-nosed, full metal jacket projectile that provides remarkable accuracy and devastating performance on target games. Its superior knockdown power delivers superior penetration and expansion for maximum terminal performance. Its excellent velocity also ensures minimal recoil, allowing quick and efficient follow-up shots when required.

The Super 30 ammo is designed to offer excellent recoil control while offering maximum performance with pinpoint accuracy at various ranges. Its superior ballistic coefficient means it can maintain its velocity even in environmentally harsh conditions, making it the perfect choice for recreational and professional shooters.

Whether you are a gun enthusiast or hunter or need a reliable round, this cartridge is an exceptional choice. Its exceptional stopping power and remarkable accuracy allow you to take down any game with confidence. Get your hands on this round now at our online store – you won’t regret it!

Guns that shoot 30 super carry Ammo

Our selection of Super 30 ammo includes:

  1. Sporting Bullets: These bullets are designed with superior accuracy and consistency, making them excellent for target shooting or other competitive applications;
  2. Hunting Bullets: The unique design of our Hunting Bullets makes them ideal for big game hunting situations where precision and performance matter most. They feature a flatter trajectory and greater distance than other bullets, resulting in more effective long-range shots;
  3. Defensive Bullets: These bullets are designed specifically for defensive applications, providing improved penetration to ensure maximum effectiveness.

30 super carry Ammo vs. 9mm

Compared to the 9mm, the Super 30 ammo has many advantages. Here are just a few:

  • Larger projectile: The Super 30 ammo has a much larger projectile than the 9mm, giving it higher penetration power and increased accuracy at longer distances.
  • More velocity: The Super 30 ammo can reach velocities up to double that of the 9mm, making it more effective at longer distances.
  • Increased accuracy: The larger projectiles and higher velocities allow for more precise shots with better trajectory control.
  • More power: The Super 30 ammo packs more power than the 9mm, which delivers more knockdown power on target.


Whether you are a hunter, a target shooter, owning quality ammunition you can rely on is a must. 30 Super Carry ammo for sale offers you all the performance and accuracy you need. It is reliable, consistent, and affordable, so you don’t have to worry about where your next round comes from. If you are looking for quality ammo, you’ve found it in 30 Super Carry ammo. Buy now from our store.

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