The 44-40 ammunition, also called the .44 Largo, the 44-40 Winchester Center Fire or simply the .44 Winchester, is designed for use in the Model 1873 lever action firearm. The nature of this load made it suitable for use in handguns and rifles, and it became famous thanks to its wide popularity. The 1873 model rifle in which it was chambered also became widely known by shooters and hunters and gained the name “The Gun that Won the West”. Find the best 44-40 Ammo for sale in stock at bulkcheapammostore.com.


In 1873, the Winchester Repeating Arms Company designed the 44-40 WCF Ammo as their first metallic centerfire round to be chambered in their new Winchester Model 1873 rifle. After the Winchester Company released this load, it became a favorite in the market space leading several companies to chamber their rifles to fire this bullet. Some firearms manufacturers who chambered their rifles to take this load were; the Marlin and Remington (who released pistols and rifles), the Colt in their Colt Frontier Six-Shooter model and the Smith & Wesson in their Smith &Wesson New Model 3.

Cowboys greatly knew this load because they loved the convenience and versatile nature of this bullet for its use on both rifles and pistols. The Winchester Company first sold this load under the name .44 Winchester. When the Union Metallic Cartridge (UMC) manufactured started selling its version of this load, it gained the name 44-40 WFC AMMO The Winchester Company adopted the name the .44-40 only after World War II, and still, to date, the round packaging is labeled the 44-40 Winchester. The .44-40 ammo is a reputable cartridge in the USA, notably known for killing several deer than any known Winchester ammo.


  1. Case type; Rimmed, bottleneck
  2. Case length; 33.1 mm
  3. Case capacity; 2.6 cm3Overall length; 40.4 mm
  4. Bullet diameter; 10.8 mm
  5. Base diameter; 12.0 mm
  6. Neck diameter; 11.3 mm
  7. Rim thickness; 1.7 mm
  8. Rim diameter; 13.3 mm
  9. Shoulder diameter; 11.6 mm
  10. Primer type; Large pistol
  11. Max pressure ; 22,000 psi


The original bullet weight of this load was 40 gr of black powder, firing a 200 gr flat-point, round-nose cartridge at approximately 379 m/s to 400 m/s in 1875. It was in 1886 that heavier bullets with a grain weight of 217 gr with a muzzle velocity of 360 m/s were introduced by UMC. When the Winchester Company equally adopted and started chambering the 217 gr, the UMC 1905 discontinued the heavy load production.

The Winchester introduced the 200-grain load in 1895 with 17gr smokeless powder travelling at a speed of 400 m/s, while the UMC in 1896 designed a similar load with a muzzle velocity of 376 m/s. Winchester introduced in 1903 ‘The Winchester High Velocity (WHV) cartridge, with a velocity of 470 m/s and a 200 gr copper-jacketed bullet from a 24-inch barrel length, taking advantage of the stronger-action designs of the Marlin 1984 and the Winchester Model 18922 lever-action firearm. Several different cartridge weights and types have been made available for shooters over the years, including lead, soft and hollow-point, full metal case, blanks and short shells in the following ranges: 122, 140, 160, 165, 166, 180 and 217 gr.

The most popular loading is the 200gr bullet travelling at 1190 ft/s. By 1942, more contemporary cartridges had almost completely replaced the .44-40 Ammo, but in the 1950s and 1960s, when the Colt once more produced the Single Action Army and Frontier, it enjoyed a brief period of resurgence. Due to the rise in popularity of metallic silhouettes and cowboy action shooting, the .44-40 WCF has recently experienced a revival. This has led to the development of the heaviest factory cartridge ever made for the bullet, the low-velocity 225 gr loads.


The modern day .44-40 ammunition has a cartridge weight of 200 gr with a velocity ranging from 1,100 ft/s to 1,245 ft/s with energy from 537 ft-lbf to 688 ft-lbf, a 217 gr cartridge travelling at 1,190 ft/s with energy 682 ft-lbf and a 225 gr cartridge at 1,000 ft/s with energy 500 ft-lbf.


The Winchester and the Hornady are the ammo companies manufacturing this cartridge type. The Winchester produces two rounds of this ammo and the Hornady one of which;

  1. The Winchester 200-grain jacketed soft-point rifle bullet is great for taking down farm animals. This round produces low expansion resulting in a small impact on the target.
  2. Winchester 225-grain lead bullet. Besides being best used for silhouette shooting, it is also recommended for farm yard work.
  3. The Hornady manufactures a 205-grain cast lead bullet is best for use in the yard or steel games.

The Buffalo Bore company also produces this ammo is 185 grain weigh bullet which is the;

  1. 185-grain soft cast leads hollow point bulletThis bullet is the only medium 44-40 ammo bullet good for hunting animals like deer. Buffalo Bore recommends this bullet be shot in rifles produced after 1900 and also observing safety guides.


The 44-40 WCF ammo is great versatile ammo suitable for use in a pistol or other rifles for different purposes. We have a large stock of the 44-40 ammo for sale at affordable prices available in our store. Shop with us today, and for your bulk orders, enjoy a 10% discount. Send us your orders now!

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