Are you searching for an effective firearm ammunition? Look no further than the 450 Bushmaster ammo for sale. This impressive cartridge is becoming increasingly popular among hunters, shooters and gun enthusiasts due to its range, accuracy, and power.

To help you get the most out of your purchase, bulk cheap ammo shop have put together this comprehensive guide of the 450 Bushmaster ammo. We’ll share everything you need to know about this ammo, from its history and origins to the available types so you can be sure you’re armed with the best possible ammunition for any situation.



It is a center-fire rifle cartridge developed by Tim LeGendre of legendary firearms maker Bushmaster and first released during the early 2000s. Referred to as the ‘Thumper’ by hunting enthusiasts, it is a round best used for big game hunting and defense.

450 Bushmaster ammo is ideal for hunters looking for an economical option with plenty of knockdown power. Its .45-caliber diameter ensures plenty of stopping power, and its soft point bullet design offers maximum tissue damage. It’s also relatively affordable compared to many other large-bore rounds, so you won’t have to break the bank to stock up on it.

Sold in hundreds of stores nationwide, finding 450 Bushmaster ammo for sale is easy. Whether you’re looking for bulk deals or just a few boxes, you should be fine finding what you need at a price that won’t break your budget at our store.


Look no further when searching for the optimal ammunition for large game hunting or self-defense as the 450 Bushmaster ammo is the perfect load! Undeniably one of the most powerful and effective cartridges designed to date, 450 Bushmaster ammo is suitable for tactical and recreational purposes. Let’s explore a few of the benefits that make this popular round so versatile:

  • Stopping Power

The .450 BM (Bushmaster) cartridge can take down large game such as deer, hogs, and bear with a single shot because it delivers immense power over long-range. It’s a great choice for hunters who want to ensure their prey is felled on the first shot;

  • Recoil Power

The .450 BM offers great recoil management – its heavy bullet weight helps to absorb some of the impacts from firing. This makes it an ideal option for shooters looking to limit fatigue during long shooting sessions.

  • Cost-Effective

450 Bushmaster ammo is relatively affordable and easy to find online compared to other large-round cartridges. This makes it popular among budget-conscious buyers looking for high-performance ammunition without breaking the bank!


  1. Case type; Rebated rim, straight
  2. Parent case; .284 Winchester
  3. Case length; 43.2 mm
  4. Overall length; 57.4 mm
  5. Bullet diameter; 11.48 mm
  6. Shoulder diameter; 10.3 mm
  7. Neck diameter; 12.19 mm
  8. Base diameter; 12.70 mm
  9. Rim diameter; 12.01 mm
  10. Primer type; large rifle
  11. Max pressure; 38,500 psi



  • The 450 Bushmaster round’s primary benefit is its hard-hitting, big-bore performance at close to medium distances. The round can cleanly take down large game like elk or moose while remaining manageable in a carbine platform.


  • Additionally, the muzzle velocity and energy remain comparable to that of a lighter rifle such as a 300 Blackout or 5.56 NATO AR-15 setup, making them an excellent choice for any modern sporting rifle. Its versatile trajectory makes it well suited as either a hunting or defensive firearm, with its consistent energy delivery being proven repeatedly on the firing range and in the field.


  • Finally, its affordability makes it an attractive option for those purchasing ammunition without breaking the bank. Prices can vary from reloaded options to manufacturers like Hornady and Federal Premium. Still, regardless of where you get it from, the dependable performance allows you to maximize your shooting potential without sacrificing quality in favor of savings cost.


The short answer is no. The cartridges used in the .450 Bushmaster are much larger than the .223 or 5.56 cartridges found in a traditional 5.56 magazine. Trying to load one of these larger rounds into a 5.56 magazine would be like forcing a square peg into a round hole. And, as with any other type of ammunition, jamming the wrong round into the wrong magazine can lead to fitting  and extraction issues — or worse.

However, if you decide that the .450 Bushmaster rifle is for you, plenty of aftermarket magazines are available in different sizes and capacities to fit your needs. Shooters can use the 45 ACP handgun magazines with this big-bore rifle cartridge – make sure they come from trusted manufacturers and have been tested extensively before firing them.



When shooting long-range targets, you want a round that will fire accurately and consistently. The 450 Bushmaster is no different, delivering accuracy at distances up to 300 yards with its fast velocity and heavy grain weight.

Built for the AR-15 platform, the 450 Bushmaster runs on a .452-inch diameter bullet with a maximum pressure rating of 33,000 PSI. It features an impressive 300 yards effective range due to its high velocity of 2,200 ft/s and its heavy grain weight of 250 gr.

The round also has excellent knockdown power and recoil mitigation due to its powder charge being loaded in the front of the case. This prevents overpressure on the shoulder when firing, making it a better choice for novice shooters looking for an accurate and reliable round.

The 450 Bushmaster is a .45 caliber magnum round for an AR-15 in terms of power and accuracy. For any shooter looking to take down a larger game or shoot from an even longer distance than 300 yards, the 450 Bushmaster is one of the best rounds available today.



If we are talking size and power, the 450 Bushmaster certainly packs a punch.

450 Bushmaster ammo is typically used in a semi-automatic rifle, like an AR-15 platform. This makes it ideal for hunting deer and other medium-sized games. It can shoot up to 250 yards accurately, and the projectile has a flat trajectory that makes long-range shooting easier to accomplish.

45-70 ammo is also great for hunting deer and other large game, but its large bullet size and heavy recoil may not be suitable for long-range accuracy or repeated shots in quick succession.

In short, the 450 Bushmaster is better suited for various purposes due to its smaller size and lighter recoil than the 45-70 ammo.



When it comes to defending ourselves, having the right ammunition is essential. That’s why we’re digging into the history of the latest advancements in big-bore ammo—the .450 Bushmaster.

Tim LeGendre developed the .450 Bushmaster round in 2006 to answer the military’s call for a larger caliber round for close-quarter encounters. After some initial adjustments and testing, Bushmaster decided to bring the round to market for civilian use.

A few key features make this round truly powerful:

  • It produces superior energy without generating recoil that’s too overbearing;
  • It has a muzzle velocity of 2,200 feet per second, making it an ideal choice for hunting both small and large game;
  • It can handle a heavier bullet with greater accuracy than other rounds.

With its long list of desirable qualities, it’s no wonder that the .450 Bushmaster has become so popular among hunters and shooters alike. And with our selection of 450 Bushmaster ammo for sale at competitive prices, you’re sure to find the perfect ammunition for your needs.



Whether you’re a hunter or a shooting enthusiast, the 450 Bushmaster Ammo is an excellent choice. It’s hard-hitting, reliable, and available in various options to suit your needs. You can find 450 Bushmaster Ammo for sale from trusted names like Hornady, Federal, and Remington.

Remember always to practice safe shooting habits when using any ammo, and always follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for use and storage. With so many options available, there’s no excuse not to get the perfect ammo for your needs today. So don’t hesitate, and shop for 450 Bushmaster Ammo from our bulk cheap ammo shop now.

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