Get 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum for sale

At, you can get the 223 Winchester Super Short (WSSM) Magnum ammunition at affordable prices. The 223 WSSM is a versatile and high-performing cartridge known for its speed and accuracy. It is commonly used for varmint hunting and target shooting, offering excellent long-range capabilities.

What is the 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM)

Winchester introduced it in 2003, based on a shortened and necked-down version of the 300 WSM case. The 223 WSSM offers excellent long-range performance and is popular among varmint hunters and competitive shooters.

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Various types of 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum

The 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum comes in various bullet weights, including 55 grain, 64 grain, and 75 grain. It offers exceptional accuracy and long-range performance. The cartridge is for varmint hunting, target shooting, and competitive shooting disciplines. It provides high muzzle velocity and energy, effectively taking down small to medium-sized games. The 223 WSSM is known for its flat trajectory and minimal recoil. It is available in both factory-loaded ammunition and reloading components. Shooters can choose from various bullet designs, including hollow point, soft point, and ballistic tip, to suit their needs.


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