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If you like guns, you know how important it is to have good ammo. 44 Magnum ammunition is one of the most popular cartridges for gun owners because of its reliability and stopping power. However, finding cheap 44 Magnum ammo of good quality can be challenging. Bulkcheapammostore.com can help with this. Our online shop sells affordable, high-quality 44 Magnum ammunition for many different types of guns. With years of experience in the firearm industry, Bulk cheap ammo store has become a trustworthy source for gun enthusiasts and professionals. This article will provide all the information you need about this powerful ammo and why Bulkcheapammostore.com is the best place to buy cheap, high-quality 44 Magnum ammunition online.



The.44 Remington Magnum, also called the.44 Magnum or 10.9x33mmR, is a large-bore cartridge with a rim. It was made initially for revolvers but can also fit in carbines. Even though they are called “.44” rounds, both the.44 Magnum and the.44 Special use bullets that are 0.429 inches (10.9 mm) in diameter.

The.44 Magnum is built on the.44 Special case, but it is longer and has a higher-pressure load to give it more speed and power.

Clint Eastwood famously called the.44 Magnum “the most powerful handgun cartridge in the world.” Since then, it has stayed one of the most popular commercial large-bore magnum cartridges, partly because its recoil is easier to handle.


The 44 Magnum Ammo is primarily for hunting and self-defense. It also has excellent stopping power, making it an ideal choice for hunters who need to take down big games accurately.

Furthermore, the 44 Magnum Ammo serves for self-defense situations, where its stopping power and accuracy are highly valued. In addition, the 44 Magnum Ammo is becoming increasingly popular among competitive shooters, as its accuracy and versatility make it a practical choice for target shooting.



Ammo Specification

Case type; Rimmed, straight,

Parent case; .44 S&W Special

Case length; 32.6 mm (1.285 in)

Case capacity; 2.46 cm3

Overall length; 41 mm (1.61 in )

Bullet diameter; 10.9 mm (.429 in )

Base diameter; 11.6 mm (.457 in)

Neck diameter; 11.6 mm ( .457 in )

Land diameter; 10.6 mm (0.417 in)

Rim thickness; 1.5 mm (.060 in )

Rim diameter; 13.1 mm (.514 in )

Primer type; Large Pistol

Maximum pressure; 36,000 psi


Bullet Performance

The.44 Magnum is popular for hunting and self-defense because of its ballistic performance. Its bullet performance features are as follows:

  1. Muzzle velocity: .44 Magnum ammo typically has a muzzle velocity of 1,200 to 1,600 ft/s, depending on the load. High velocity helps the bullet retain energy and velocity at extended ranges.
  2. Muzzle energy: Depending on the load, the muzzle energy of the 44 Magnum ammo ranges from 800–1,600 ft-lbf. This high energy provides tremendous stopping power.
  3. Bullet weight: The .44 Magnum ammo bullet weights vary from 180–340 grains. Lighter bullets have flatter trajectories and less recoil, while heavier ones transmit more energy and penetrate deeper.
  4. Expansion and penetration: The performance of .44 Magnum ammo in terms of expansion and penetration can vary depending on the specific load and the target. Hollow point loads expand upon impact, creating a more significant wound channel and delivering more energy to the target. On the other hand, full metal jacket loads tend to penetrate deeper and retain their shape better, making them a good choice for hunting.

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The.44 Remington Magnum is powerful and versatile. Common uses for.44 Magnum ammunition includes:

  1. Hunting: Deer, elk, and black bear hunters use the.44 Magnum cartridge. Its high energy and smooth trajectory makes it effective at extended ranges.
  2. Self-defense: The.44 Magnum’s stopping power makes it popular for self-defense as it delivers much-stopping power. However, it can be challenging to control in a small, lightweight handgun, and it generates a significant amount of recoil.
  3. Target shooting: The .44 Magnum ammo can be utilized for target and competitive shooting. It is accurate and has little recoil, making it suited for extended shooting sessions.



Both the.44 Magnum and the.45 ACP are strong rounds, but they have some differences in ballistic performance.

Most of the time, the.44 Magnum cartridge shoots heavier bullets at higher velocities than the.45 ACP ammunition. For example, a typical .44 Magnum load might fire a 240-grain bullet at about 1,200 to 1,400 ft/s, while a .45 ACP load might fire a 230-grain bullet at about 800 to 1,000 ft/s.

In terms of muzzle energy, the.44 Magnum ammo has more energy at the muzzle than the.45 ACP cartridge. A .44 Magnum load might deliver between 800 and 1,600 ft-lbs of energy, while a typical .45 ACP load might deliver energy between 350 and 500 ft-lbs.

Overall, the .44 Magnum bullets are more potent than the.45 ACP cartridge. However, both cartridges work well for self-defense and hunting, and the choice between them depends on the shooter’s wants and needs.



Elmer Keith, a well-known gun writer from the 1950s, came up with the idea for the—44 Magnum armor. Keith was sure to make the .44 Special cartridge better, so he set out to make a stronger one to hunt big game animals.


Keith’s first efforts to make a more powerful.44 Special cartridges involved putting heavier bullets in the cartridge and adding more powder. However, Keith quickly realized that the.44 Special case was not strong enough to handle the higher pressures that these loads created.

Then Keith went for the.44 Remington Magnum case. The case for the.44 Magnum was longer and stronger than the case for the.44 Special. This let Keith make loads with much higher velocities and energies than the.44 Special.

Smith & Wesson came out with the Model 29 handgun in 1956 to handle the power of the.44 Magnum cartridge. The Model 29 became very popular with shooters and gun fans quickly, and Clint Eastwood’s character used it in the 1971 movie “Dirty Harry.”

Today, the .44 Magnum ammo for sale remains a popular choice for hunting and self-defense, and it’s available in various loads and bullet styles.



In conclusion, 44 Magnum Ammo is powerful and flexible ammunition that has been around for decades and is excellent for hunting big game. In addition, this ammo type is a safe and practical choice for hunters, competitive shooters, and gun fans. We hope this article was helpful and provided relevant information on the .44 Remington Magnum Ammo ammo for sale. You can buy this ammo at our site today at a significant discount. We also offer free shipping and discounts on bulk purchases. You can shop with us now!

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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

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