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The 7mm-08 ammo for sale was developed out of wildcatters. This means that this cartridge was developed from an already existing cartridge. The existing cartridge was modified to shoot a different bullet, the now-known 7mm-08 ammo in stock. This round is a modified version of the 308 Winchester, meant to accept a 7mm bullet with a slight increase in case length. For several years this load was referred to as the 7mm/308.

The designed 7mm-08 Ammo for sale had more advantages than the 308 Winchester, but it was more renowned for its adaptation of the 7mm Mauser load. The 7mm Mauser, also called the 7x57mm ammo, was amongst the first smokeless, rimless firearm cartridges at the time of its creation in 1892 and was used in one of the most prestigious action firearms at the time called the 1893 Mauser (Spanish Mauser)


Case capacity; 3.38cm3Case length; 51.7 mm
Case type; Rimless bottleneck
Parent case; .30 Winchester
Overall length; 71 mm
Bullet diameter; 7.2 mm.
Base diameter; 11.9 mm
Land diameter; 7.0 mm
Neck diameter; 8.0 mm
Shoulder diameter; 11.5 mm
Rim thickness; 1.4 mm
Rim diameter; 12.0 mm
Primer type; Large rifle
Rifling twist; 241 mm
Max pressure (C.I.P); 60,191psi
Max pressure (SAAMI); 61,000psi


The 7mm-08 ammo in stock load grain weighs from 140 to 175 grain. The bullet performance goes thus;

A 140-grain Nosler Partition bullet travels at a velocity of 2,800 ft/s (850 m/s) with an energy of 2,437 ft-lbf
The 150-grain Speer Hot-Cor SP bullet travels at a velocity of 2,650 ft/s (810 m/s) with energy
2,339 ft-lbf
The 175-grain Nostler Partition bullet travels at a velocity of 2,595 ft/s (791 m/s) with an energy of 2,617 ft-lbf


The 7mm-08 Ammo is popular because of its variety and high production by many ammo manufacturers, making it the favorite of even those who don’t hand load. The weight grain of this bullet can go up sometimes to 195 gr. Loads ranging from 120 to 160 gr are suitable for hunting, while bullets with heavier weights are best for long-range shooters because of their high ballistic coefficient.


Metallic Silhouette; the plastic-tipped 162-grain A-Max is excellent for silhouette shooting. This bullet grain and the 150-grain Sierra Match King are most popular amongst silhouette shooters.
Long-range shooting; same as silhouette shooting, the plastic-tipped 162-grain A-Max is suitable for long-range shooting.
Game Hunting; the 7mm-08 ammo is suitable for most hunting situations and environments, such as large open fields and dense forest arrears. This load has a flat trajectory compared to the .308 Winchester at similar bullet weights making it more accurate than the latter.
Plain games; this load’s mild recoil makes it suitable for new adults and youth shooters. It is also an excellent round for experienced shooters.

Notably, The 7mm-08 Ammunition load is unsuitable for hunting big games like the polar, grizzly, brown bear, and other dangerous games.


Bolt action Remington
Tikka T3x
Ruger Hawkeye
Savage 110
Weatherby Vanguard
Savage Axis
Kimber Hunter
Nosler M48
Mossberg Patriot


Thanks to the variety of this bullet load available in the market, getting a bullet adapted to a specific game like feral hogs, black bears, pronghorn, deer, and different big games is easy.

Below are some 7mm-08 Ammo For Sale suitable for hunting the fore mention games and their strength to help you make the best-informed purchase for your next hunting game:

  1. Hornady Precision Hunter; Even though the 7mm-08 ammo is not usually thought of as a long-range cartridge, it has an extended performance property not known by several people. This load manufactured by Hornady is excellent for games like pronghorn or mule deer shot at long range. The bullet has a highly aerodynamic, Extremely Low Drag eXpanding (ELD-X) characteristic. This round has one of the best-in-class ballistic coefficients (.574), which gives it an excellent accuracy and precision advantage. This load weighs 150 grams with a muzzle velocity of 2,770 ft/s. The cartridge delivers an excellent terminal performance on a wide range of big game for shots at 400 yards and above.
  2. Barness VOR-TX; 7mm-08 ammo type was developed for high-weight retention, deep penetration, and rapid expansion. These rounds, which have a boat tail, are manufactured in 120-grain loads with a muzzle velocity of 3,005 ft/s and a ballistic coefficient of .373. The high velocity of this grain load makes it suitable for pronghorn and deer hunting. Some hunters use this ammo for big game hunting, like elk, but you should consider using several rounds if you want to take down the game.
  3. Winchester Deer Season Extreme Point (XP); cartridge has been designed for massive impact trauma and gigantic wound on target. It is excellent for deer hunting and minimizes the distance a deer or target runs after it is hit on. This load comes in bullet grain weight of 140 gr with a velocity of 2,800 ft/s with a ballistic coefficient of .484.
  4. 7mm-08mm Ammo Federal Premium Nosler AccuBond; 140-gr quality 7mm-08 ammo is excellent for elk, bear, and deer hunting. This cartridge doesn’t expand rapidly after impact on the target. The 140-grain weight bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2,850 ft/s and ballistic coefficient of .485The
  5. Federal Premium Trophy Copper; load is an excellent alternative to the Barnes load. This bullet provides deep straight-line penetration, a destructive mixture of high-weight retention, and rapid yet controlled expansion. This load type is the go-for choice of 7mm-08 Ammunition when it comes to big game hunting, which needs a well-constructed and heavy bullet for hunting moose or elk. With proper aiming, this ammo delivers excellent results when it hits soft tissue or bones at short range or hundred yards away. Just aim for the vitals, and the bullet will do the needful. This round has a bullet weight grain of 140, a muzzle velocity of 2,800 ft/s, and a ballistic coefficient of .489.
    Hornady Custom Lite; It is safe to say the 7mm-08 ammo in stock manufacturers thought about everyone because this ammo type is specially designed for new, small or shy hunters and is a common choice for children hunters. We can term this cartridge the lite version of the 7mm-08 Ammunition. The round has reduced power with light bullets shot at slow velocity than usual. Despite its reduced power and slow velocity, it is still suitable for small and moderate size games and range shooting. This load fires 120 gr bullets at a muzzle velocity of 2,675 ft/s with great accuracy and low recoil, perfect for shy hunters or shooters.
  6. Remington Core Lokt; This round is usually referred to as the deadliest mushroom in the wood because of the power of its bullets, which can hit one through the vitals of a black bear, deer, or even a hog at short range. Most hunters use this cartridge for hunting games like immature bulls or cow elk. This load has a bullet grain of 140 gr with a velocity of 2,860 ft/s and a bullet coefficient of 390.


Low cost. The round has the lowest cost per load compared to other 7mm-08 ammo choices.
Light Rifle
Effective Range
Low Recoil
Cartridge Variety
Light Short Action


Given the accuracy, impact level, and variety of the 7mm-08 ammo for sale, you can always go right or be short of ammunition. This round may not be the best out there yet, but its variety in load makes it suitable for all situations, ages, and shooting levels. Buy your 7mm-08 ammo in stock with us today and get great discounts.

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