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17 Hornet ammo has roots in the early.17-caliber cartridges produced in the decades after World War II. The new.17-caliber cartridge is known as.17 Hornet ammunition by Hornady. But compared to the Ackley case  (.17 Ackley Hornet), the Hornady.17 case is shorter in length and to the base of the shoulder. The Hornady case also has a slightly larger shoulder diameter than the Ackley. The new case is probably shorter to maintain the same 1.723-inch overall cartridge length as the.22 Hornet while being loaded with relatively long and pointed Hornady 20- and 25-grain V-MAX bullets. Due to its length, Hornady.17 Hornet can use.22 Hornet-specific bolt actions and magazines, including those for the CZ 527, Ruger 77/22 Hornet, and Savage Model 25.

The handloading information for the two cartridge cannot be casually compared because the.17 Hornady Hornet case is smaller than the.17 Ackley Hornet case. The only current source of handloading information for both the new and old.17s made available is Hodgdon Powder. The maximum loads for the.17 Ackley Hornet and.17 Hornet with various powders are listed in Hodgdon’s 2012 Annual Manual and on their website, respectively. However, The.17 Ackley’s maximum powder charges are 0.2 to 0.7 grains heavier than those of the.17 Hornady. There is a substantial difference in a cartridge case that only stores roughly 12 grains of powder.

What is the use of 17 Hornet ammo for sale?

  1. Varmint and Predator hunting: The.17 Hornet ammo is adequate for most varmint and predator hunting for people who reside east of the Mississippi and hunt small woodlots.
  2. 17 Hornet does not have the laser-beam trajectory of the.204, but if you zero one at 200 yards with a factory load of 20 grains from Hornady, it’s just over six inches low at 300 yards. That will cover most of the remaining groundhog hunting in the eastern US.
  3. Additionally, it is a superb option for both red and grey foxes. Again, even though the serious coyote hunter should favor 20-caliber rifles and higher, a well-placed shot from a 17 Hornet ammo for sale will suffice at a respectable distance. Check our store for high quality 17 hornet ammo for sale in stock at our online store and benefit of great discount on bulk orders. Shop Now!

Ammo specifications 

  1. Parent case: 22 Hornet
  2. Case type: Rimmed, bottleneck
  3. Bullet diameter: .172 in (4.4 mm)
  4. Neck diameter: .193 in (4.9 mm)
  5. Shoulder diameter: .288 in (7.3 mm)
  6. Base diameter: .299 in (7.6 mm)
  7. Rim diameter: .350 in (8.9 mm)
  8. Rim thickness: .065 in (1.7 mm)
  9. Case length: 1.350 in (34.3 mm)
  10. Overall length: 1.723 in (43.8 mm)
  11. Rifling twist:1-10
  12. Primer type: small rifle

Ballistics performance 

The 17 Hornet ammo in stock comes in three bullet grain sizes of which;

  1. A 20-grain (1.3 g) bullet size with a muzzle velocity of 3,515 ft/s with an energy of 548.8 ft-lbf
  2. 25-grain (1.6 g) load traveling at a velocity of 3,176 ft/s and energy of 560 ft-lbf
  3. The 30-grain (1.9 g) fires at a speed of 2,975 ft/s and energy of 589.7 ft-lbf

How far can it shoot?

The 17 Hornet ammo has a muzzle velocity of 3,515 ft/s and is still available in their superformance line. Previously, they provided three different loads. Although it only has 85 ft-lbs at 500 yards, this load will remain supersonic. You can visit our store to place your order of the 17 Hornet ammo for sale.

Bottom line

Owning a 17-hornet ammo will bring you close to an exciting shooting experience, and that is why we wish for any gun lover; what are you waiting for? Own a 17-Hornet ammo and top your shooting game. Visit our store bulk cheap ammo store for pictorial representation and make a pick.

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