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The .30-40 Krag is a type of ammunition used in rifles. The U.S. Army developed it in the late 1800s as the first American military cartridge to use smokeless powder. The name “30-40” refers to the bullet’s caliber and the amount of powder it requires.


The .30-40 Krag cartridge gained popularity for its accuracy and performance. The Springfield Model 1892, a bolt-action rifle, used the 30-40 krag. Hunters also appreciated its accuracy and efficiency.

Modern .30-40 Krag ammo typically contains a 180-grain bullet, suitable for hunting medium-sized game like deer. Companies such as Winchester, Remington, Hornady, and HSM manufacture this ammunition.

This round was a great asset for the U.S military as it had outstanding performance and accuracy compared to other cartridges at its time. Hunters also enjoy this round because it allows them to use small-size loads with less weight, flat trajectory, and more aerodynamic characteristics.

All this is thanks to the smokeless powder property of the bullet, which makes it more efficient with excellent muzzle velocity than the black powder cartridges.

The original grain bullet for this load was a 220-grain load with an energy of 1.954 ft-lbf. The modern .30-40 Krag ammo round is a 180 gr bullet, which is the perfect round for short to medium-range hunting of games like elk and deer.

Although other ammo like the 30-06 Springfield has gained in popularity in recent years shadowing the .30-40 ammo, this ammo, despite decades of existence, still has its place in the ammunition market thanks to its outstanding performance in terms of accuracy and efficiency. We have a large quantity of the .30-40 Krag ammo in stock for sale. Shop at our store for unbeatable prices.


  1. Case type; Rimmed, bottleneck
  2. Case length; 58.8 mm
  3. Case capacity; 3.76 cm3Overall length; 78.5 mm
  4. Bullet diameter; 7.8 mm
  5. Base diameter; 11.6 mm
  6. Neck diameter; 8.6 mm
  7. Rim thickness; 1.6 mm
  8. Rim diameter; 13.8 mm
  9. Shoulder diameter; 10.7 mm
  10. Land diameter; 7.6 mm
  11. Max pressure (C.I.P.) ; 47,137 psi


The modern day .30-40 Krag ammo round is manufactured by several ammunition companies and exists in different bullet grain weights adapted for different situations.

Fascinated by the performance of this load, ammo manufacturers; Winchester and Remington rushed to produce ammo and firearms for use by competitive shooters and civilian hunters after the U.S. Army adopted this round.

The common grains available for this cartridge are the following;

  1. 100 gr with a muzzle velocity of 2.898 ft/s traveling with an energy of 1,865 ft-lbf
  2. 130 gr with a muzzle velocity of 2.746 ft/s traveling with a power of 2,177 ft-lbf
  3. 150 gr with a muzzle velocity of 2.575 ft/s traveling with the energy of 2,209ft-lbf
  4. 180 gr with a muzzle velocity of 2.276 ft/s traveling with a power of 2,071 ft-lbf
  5. 200 gr with a muzzle velocity of 1,974 ft/s traveling with an energy of 1,731 ft-lbf


There are very few ammo companies that manufacture this bullet we know of which are. Winchester, Hornady, H.S.M., and Remington. The popular choice for civilian hunters and shooters is the Hornady and Remington ammunition. Some of the shot produced by these companies great for hunting includes;

  1. Hornady Custom 180 gr. This soft point grain bullet is excellent for hunting medium games like feral hogs, black bear, and whitetail deer. Though this load doesn’t travel at high velocity or have a great flat trajectory, with a great shooter who aims with precision, it can take down even beast games like moose at a short-range shot.
  2. Remington Core-Lokt 180 grThis load has an excellent ballistic coefficient, and its interlock bullet form provides significant expansion and penetration when the cartridge hits its target. It is a good round at a reasonable shot range for medium to large game hunting.


  1. Winchester High-Wall
  2. Krag- Jorgensen
  3. Remington Rolling Block
  4. Thompson-Center Encore
  5. Ruger No.1 and No.3
  6. M1885 Remington-Lee (Remington-Lee bolt action)
  7. Gatling gun, M1893 and later
  8. Winchester Model 1895


Despite its decade of existence and the recent production of better-performing cartridges made available by ammo manufacturers, the .30-40 Krag Ammo is a look-for choice in hunting under the right circumstances. It excels in deer hunting and other gig game hunting scenarios as well. I am sure you will enjoy the field performance of this round at your next game.

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