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Where to Get the Best Deals on .405 Winchester Ammo

Are you looking for great deals on .405 Winchester ammunition? Look no further!

Our online store carries some of the best deals on .405 Winchester ammo. Whether you’re a hunter, a gun enthusiast, or someone who needs to stock up on ammunition for your .405 caliber firearms, our online store is the perfect place to shop. We offer many products, from small caliber rounds to higher-grade ammunition. Our selection of .405 Winchester ammo includes:

  • Jacketed Hollow Points (JHP) – ideal for personal protection or hunting applications;
  • Soft Point Bullets (SP) – great for target practice and varmint hunting;
  • Full metal jacket (FMJ) – perfect for target shooting and range training; and
  • Lead Round Nose (LRN) – an economical option for plinking, target practice, and range training.

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What is .405 Winchester Ammunition?

When looking for quality ammunition, the .405 Winchester ammo for sale is ammunition to look out for. This classic hunting cartridge is based on the old .30-03 round, one of the most popular cartridges of its day. In fact, before the introduction of the 7mm Mauser in 1905, it was the most common rifle round used by American hunters.

The .405 Winchester offers some impressive ballistics with an average muzzle velocity for a 200-grain projectile at 2,400 ft/s delivering an energy rating of 2,810 ft-lbf. This makes it an excellent round for big game hunting up to medium-sized African game species.

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What is 405 ammo good for?

The .405 Winchester (or .405 WCF) is an excellent rifle round for those looking for a powerful yet manageable hunting round. This ammunition is well-known among deer hunters. Its accuracy and knock-down power makes it the perfect choice for bringing down big games. It’s also an excellent choice for varmint hunting, thanks to its relatively low recoil and penetration level.

When selecting ammunition, quality is vital – and that’s what you’ll get when you purchase our .405 Winchester rounds!


  1. Case type: Rimmed, straight
  2. Case length; 2.583 in (65.6 mm)
  3. Overall length; 3.175 in (80.6 mm)
  4. Base diameter; .461 in (11.1 mm)
  5. Neck diameter; .436 in (11.1 mm)
  6. Bullet diameter; .4115 in (10.45 mm)
  7. Rim diameter; .543 in (13.8 mm)
  8. Rifling twist; 1 turn in 14
  9. Primer type; Large rifle
  10. Maximum pressure (CIP); 35,500 psi
  11. Maximum pressure (SAAMI); 46,000 psi
  12. Maximum CUP; 36,000 CUP


The 405 Winchester load has a 300 and 400-grain bullet weight which travels at a muzzle velocity of 1,900 to 2,2200 ft/s with a speed of 2,800 to 3,800 ft-lbf.

Regarding the trajectory, at 100 yards, the bullet drops between 2.3 – 3.7 inches, depending on the load. In addition, the 405 Win ammo effective range is 300- 250 yards for hunting and 300-400 yards for target shooting, depending on the specific load and the shooter’s skills.

Advantages of .405 Winchester Ammo

Whether you’re a gun enthusiast, hunter, or simply looking for .405 Winchester ammo, the advantages of this type of ammunition are undeniable. Some benefits of using this Ammo are:

  1. Accuracy: .405 Winchester ammo provides predictable and consistent accuracy both in hand and on the range. This is due to a combination of its round shape, which promotes stable flight, straight-walled casing design, and more;
  2. Range: The casing design also gives the round an increased distance capability over other types of Ammo;
  3. Impact: The combination of accuracy and range makes the .405 Winchester round an excellent choice for game hunting since it will keep much energy while traveling long distances. This results in better impact performance when you take the shot.

How powerful is a 405 Winchester, and what is the most powerful 405 win ammo

The 405 Winchester cartridge is one of the most effective cartridges available today. Loaded with up to a 180-grain bullet, it has plenty of stopping power for big game hunting and enough punch to penetrate thick skin and hide.

It’s no wonder that the 405 Winchester ammo is one of the most popular big game hunting cartridges. But what is the most powerful 405 Winchester ammo? The answer depends on your needs and your budget.

At our online store at Ammo, we offer a range of versatile shotshells that are sure to meet your needs:

  1. Hornady Interlock: This ammunition offers a dependable lineup of full metal jacket bullets that stay together after expanding in target media.
  2. Federal Power-Shok: Featuring high velocity and heavy-hitting capabilities, this Ammo delivers maximum expansion with accuracy and precision.
  3. Sellier & Bellot Soft Point: This Ammo provides reliable accuracy and consistent expansion in close-range situations, making it perfect for deer hunting or other short to mid-range targets.

For all your big game hunting needs, you can count on our selection of premium quality 405 Winchester ammunition at competitive prices!

Popular Brands of .405 Winchester Ammo

Whether you are looking for a box of .405 Winchester ammo at a low price or require the highest quality premium brand, our online store has it all. Popular brands like Federal, Remington, Winchester, and Hornady deliver superior performance and reliability.

From full metal jacket ammo to soft point projectiles, the selection of .405 Winchester ammunition available at our online store is second to none. Here are a few of the famous brands we carry:

  • Federal: Federal offers rimfire, centerfire, and shotshell options in many calibers and styles;
  • Remington: Remington produces high-performance rounds with reliable expansion, accuracy, and extreme terminal performance;
  • Winchester: Winchester is one of America’s oldest producers of ammunition with an enviable reputation for reliability, performance & accuracy;
  • Hornady: Hornady is well known for its high-quality and cutting-edge innovation in the shooting field.

No matter which brand you choose from our selection of .405 Winchester ammo, you can be sure that it has been tested for accuracy and reliability to ensure you get the best experience with every shot.

405win Ammo vs. 45-70

The 405 Winchester cartridge is the perfect choice for hunting big game. It is viral among hunters seeking a classic, affordable round. But if you’re considering a larger bullet, you may wonder how the 405 Winchester stacks up against its competitor – the 45-70.

Let’s compare their looks, capability, and ballistics to understand better which might be right for your next hunting trip.

  1. Looks: The two rounds look very similar, with one main difference: the length of their necks. The 405 Ammo casing has a slightly longer neck than its 45-70 counterpart, increasing the overall size by 0.2 inches;
  2. Capability: The 405 win ammo and 45-70 cartridges have similar capabilities in hunting big game like deer and elk out to 200 yards or more and have comparable knock-down power at those ranges;
  3. Ballistics: Regarding ballistics, slight differences exist between the two rounds concerning velocity and energy delivery – an essential factor to consider when selecting an appropriate cartridge for your particular needs. The 45-70 is generally loaded with heavier bullets offering greater knock-down power but delivering less velocity than the 405 Winchester. On the other hand, lighter bullets can be used in the 405 Winchester ammo for sale, allowing shooters to achieve higher speeds but sacrificing some stopping power compared to the 45-70 cartridges.

In summary, both rounds have been around for a long time. Each offers advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when choosing ammunition for your next hunting trip. You can find great deals on both types of Ammo on our website, so check it out!


If you’re looking for an excellent round for your next hunting trip or range session, the .405 win is ideal. The superior performance of the load provides accuracy and the power to take down big games easily. With our wide selection of affordable .405 Winchester ammunition, you can be sure you’re getting the best deals.

At, you can be sure you’re getting top-quality ammunition every time. Our professionals inspect every round to ensure you get the best performance and reliability out of every shot. Shop our online store today, and find the perfect round for your next successful hunting trip.

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