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The acronym “Grendel” is inspired by the mythical monster antagonist from the Old English epic poem “Beowulf”. The 6.5mm Grendel cartridge is a high-precision, low-recoil round specially designed for long and medium-range shooting from 200 – 800 yards and some instances above using an AR-15 platform. This load is versatile and has expanded to other platforms, including the Kalashnikov system and bolt-action firearms. Shop in our store today for the best offers.


Bill Alexander and Janne Pohjoispaa jointly created the 6.5 Grendel Ammo. This load was unveiled and tested in 2003 at the Blackwater Training Facility in North Carolina, where it remained supersonic at 1,200 yards (1,100 m) range and out-shot the 7.62mm NATO with only half the recoil. The main aim behind the invention of this cartridge was to create an effective STANAG magazine-length load for the AR-15 platform that could shoot at a range beyond 800 yards that is above 730m and with performance above the 223 Remington/5.56mm NATO round. This cartridge faced difficulties being accepted in the community of hunters for several reasons, one being that Alexander trademarked the name of the load. To solve the problem mentioned earlier, Alexander Bill in 2011 relinquished the trademark when the load gained SAAMI approval, enabling other companies to produce barrels, ammo with the acronym 6.5 Grendel Ammo.

Given the tight restriction of STANAG magazine size, the Grendel designer opted for a shorter, wider case to fit more powder while leaving space for its long, high ballistic coefficient 65mm rounds. The weight of this load ranges from 90 gr to 130 gr with muzzle velocity ranging between 2300 ft/s for the 129 gr and 130 gr and 2900 ft/s muzzle velocity for the 77 and 90 gr round. The 6.5 Grendel round can weigh anywhere from 227 to 275 grains depending on the case material and bullet weight.


The 6.5 Grendel load is a cartridge used by individuals, law enforcement, and hunters for long to medium-range targeting with great precision. This load is excellent for tactical shooting, big game, and varmint hunting.

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The grain bullet of the 6.5 Grendel cartridge ranges from 90 gr to 130 gr, and for each grain, when shot and depending on the firearm use, it has different muzzle velocity and kinetic energy.

  1. The 90 gr bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2,880 ft/s (880m/s) with energy 1,658 ft-lbf
  2. The 108 gr bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2,790 ft/s (850m/s) with energy 1,866 ft-lbf
  3. The 120 gr bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2,700 ft/s (820m/s) with energy 1,942 ft-lbf
  4. The 123 gr bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2,650 ft/s (810m/s) with energy 1,917 ft-lbf
  5. The 130 gr bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2,510 ft/s (770m/s) with energy 1,818 ft-lbf

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YARDS VELOCITY (ft/s) ENERGY (ft-lbf) DRIFT (10 mph at 90o
0 2500 1707 0
100 2313 1461 1.25
200 2137 1247 3.78
300 1969 1059 8.26
400 1810 895 14.87
500 1661 754 23.89
600 1523 634 35.57
700 1397 533 50.17
800 1286 452 67.87


  1. Case type; bottleneck, Rimless
  2. Case capacity; 2.3 cm3Case length; 38.7 mm
  3. Parent case; 0.220 Russian
  4. Bullet diameter; 6.71 mm
  5. Neck diameter; 7.44 mm
  6. Land diameter; 6.50 mm
  7. Base diameter; 11.15 mm
  8. Shoulder diameter; 10.87 mm
  9. Overall length; 57.5 mm
  10. Rim thickness; 1.5 mm
  11. Rim diameter;11.2 mm
  12. Primer type; small rifle
  13. Rifling twist; 1 in 8” or 1 in 9”
  14. Max pressure; maximum average pressure: 52,000 psi


  1. Accuracy;  this round shoots with incredible precision at 200 – 800 yards and sometimes up to 1000 yards using an AR-15 firearm.
  2. High velocity; this cartridge has excellent speed with retained velocity, allowing the bullet to travel over a great distance with a lower drop rate.
  3. Low recoil; the 6.5 Grendel load has lower recoil, which permits faster reset and more accurate follow-up shots.
  4. Cost-effective; this load is less costly than other cartridges in its category.
  5. Great for hunting; this round was designed to retain velocity while traveling, enabling the bullet to deliver great force on the target. The force released when using this bullet during hunting makes it the ideal round for hunting full-size deer and varmints.
  6. Weight; the light weight of this bullet makes it easy to aim and fire at targets.


  1. Hunting; this load is excellent for small to medium thin-skinned games like feral hogs, mule deer, and pronghorn
  2. Medium-range hunting; this cartridge is excellent for medium game like feral hogs, black bears, and feral hogs within 200 yards.
  3. Long-range shooting; the 6.5 Grendel bullet is excellent for long-range hunting of games like pronghorn or mule deer.
  4. Self-defense; this cartridge has many semi-automatic rifles available for the round, making it ideal for personal defense.


The 6.5 Grendel ammunition is an excellent round for you no matter who you are, be it a gun lover, a hunter, a shooting competitor, a law enforcement officer, or simply a civilian needing it for personal defense. Place your order with us today and enjoy a long-range shooting round that significantly impacts the target.

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